I am available for various lectures and readings. Here is the current list of lectures I give.


Revisiting the Garden at Duck Hill: 31 Years of Change and Pleasure

Based on her book, Embroidered Ground, Page will describe the pitfalls and pleasures of the thirty-three-year-long process of creating her garden, Duck Hill, in North Salem, New York. She will share her personal views on what makes a garden a success–structure, fragrance, the play of geometry and wildness, pattern and texture, multiseasonal plants. She will tell about gardening with a husband, with wildlife, with dogs and chickens, and the challenge of simplifying her garden in the years ahead.

Bringing Meadows into the Garden

With global warming and energy conservation in mind, let’s cut down on mowing and blowing and replace some of our lawns with higher grass. Page will show a wide range of examples showing how beautifully meadows—however small–and meadow plants can be incorporated into our gardens.

Some of My Favorite Gardens and Why

In this talk, Page shows and describes a variety of private gardens in the U.S. and in Europe that especially appeal to her because of their strong sense of design, atmosphere, or spirit of originality. She ends with some pictures of her own garden which is a favorite simply because it is hers.

Species Roses in the Garden

The ultimate rose choice for easy care and romance in the personal garden. Showing the beautiful Rugosas in their variety, the early-blooming Burnets, R. moyesii and its hybrids, R. dupontii, R. pomifera, the apple rose, Harrison’s Yellow, Father Hugo rose, the eglantine beloved by Shakespeare, R. glauca, R. setigera, the prairie rose—and how they can be used in the garden. Fragrance and beauty without fuss.

Deciduous Shrubs for Year-Round Interest in the Garden

Witch hazels, viburnums, dogwoods, clethras, lilacs, species roses, and hydrangeas are among the stellar shrubs that provide beauty in the garden year-round and are favorites at Duck Hill. Page will describe their habits, their needs, how they enhance the garden and the landscape, and which are wonderful for cutting and bringing for vases indoors.

Hedges in the Garden

How hedges can transform a garden space. Describing various favorites, evergreen and deciduous, how to plant them and prune them, and how they are used today in imaginative and exciting contemporary design here and in Europe.

Shrubs and Small Trees for the Autumn Garden

Showing a variety of deciduous shrubs and trees that Page treasures because of their beautiful fruit and brilliant foliage in the fall.

Fragrant Shrubs for the Garden

With pictures of Page’s garden and others in northern climes, she describes the delightful addition of fragrant shrubs through the gardening year from witch hazels in February, Daphne mezereum and Viburnum bodnatense in March, a myriad of flowering beauties through the spring and summer, to the surprise of bayberry and sweet fern in the dead of winter.

My Love Affair with Herbs

How Page learned the value of herbs for pattern and texture as well as fragrance and cooking in the making of the garden at Duck Hill.

Gardens in the Spirit of Place

Based on Page’s book of that name, the talk is about creating a garden that is in sympathy with its particular setting. Page shows and describes private gardens around America made with a sensitivity to the ecology, climate, culture and history of the place where they are located.

Houses and Gardens: Their Intimate Relationship

Ideally, a close relationship exists between a house and its garden, a physical connection as well as a marriage of style and atmosphere. Page introduces a sampling of personal gardens created with imagination, charm, and artistry as intimate extensions of the houses they surround.  She shows the importance of pathways and perspectives, axes from doorways, frameworks fashioned from hedges and lines of trees, terraces and walls–as unifying elements.


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