About Page

Page has been gardening passionately since her early twenties, and writing about gardening, as well as designing gardens for others, for the last three decades. She has written seven books and edited another. Most of her books concentrate on aspects of garden design such as creating gardens that reflect their settings (Gardens in the Spirit of Place and Breaking Ground) or planning gardens as extensions of our homes (Inside Out), in each case illustrated by exceptional examples around America. Both her first and most recent book (Duck Hill Journal and Embroidered Ground) are about Duck Hill where she lived for thirty-four years, about the process of making the garden there, and her thoughts on gardening in general. In 2015,  Page edited the book Outstanding American Gardens with photographs by Mario  Brenner, celebrating 25 years of the Garden Conservancy.

Page lectures around the country about plants and garden design, and has written many articles for magazines over the years, including House and Garden, House Beautiful, Architectural DigestHorticulture, Elle Décor, Fine Gardening, and Garden Design. The garden at Duck Hill has been featured in a variety of periodicals including the New York Times, House and Garden, Elle Décor, Vogue, and Garden Design.

Three years ago, Page and her husband, Bosco, moved to Falls Village, Connecticut, to an old church with 17 acres of fields and woods and a view of the Berkshire hills. They are off on a new gardening adventure.

Page serves on the Board of the Garden Conservancy and is one of the founders of its popular Open Days Program. She also serves on the boards of Stonecrop Garden in Cold Spring, NY and Hollister House Garden in Washington, CT. She and her husband are both members of the Friends of Horticulture at Wave Hill.