May 30

Snowball Viburnums

IMG_1992I have a fondness for snowball viburnums, in full dress right now. They are showy in an old-fashioned way, and are marvelous for cutting. At Duck Hill, we have the compact-growing ‘Newport’ with beautiful baseball-sized white flowers and ribbed leaves, and the flashy ‘Popcorn’ which is about 8 feet high and almost as wide, and littered with 3″ rounded white clusters all up and down its branches. It’s a “wow” shrub, wonderful for bouquets, with a bonus of coppery tinged leaves in the fall. But my favorite, swoon-inducing snowball type is ‘Mary Milton,’ a deliciously-hued soft pink sort with handsome leaves that are tipped with bronze in the spring. All three of these viburnums are members of the doublefile family, V. plicatum var. tomentosum, but in their plumpness quite different from the elegant lace-cap classic called ‘Mariesii.’

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