July 14

View from a Bedroom Window

As the days heat up and plants get blowsy, I am thankful for the structure in the garden. The hedges, clipped, contain the wildness, and the big balls of boxwood give the garden some solid weight, their dense, dark foliage countering the chaos. Whenever I am upstairs (our bedroom is on the ground floor), I like to look out the windows of the bathrooms and bedrooms to see what the garden looks like from there. This is a view of what we call the main garden, hedged in with privet, which is high-maintenance, having to be clipped every two weeks this time of year. But its strong linear line is pleasing now. Roses rise above it–Rosa glauca on the left, the rugosa ‘Sarah van Fleet’ on the right, giving a hint before you enter this garden what’s in store. Amsonia makes fine billows of foliage and the grasses, Pennisetum and Deschampsia, add grace.

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